Caribbean Gem Ultra Jewelry Cleaner Kit with Cloths - Now with (Free USA Shipping)

Caribbean Gem

Caribbean Gem Ultra Jewelry Cleaner Kit with Cloths:

This is our most popular Ultra Jewelry Cleaner Kit as it has everything you will need to clean, restore, repair and polish your jewelry.  We are here to help you continue shining and sparkling everywhere you go!

Included:  8oz Jewelry Cleaner Jar with brush & basket, 16oz refill (also works well in Sonic Jewelry Cleaning machines), 2oz, Tarnish Remover & Polish Cream, 5 Tarnish Remover & Polish Cloths (to be used with the 2oz Cream for best results)

Our Jewelry Cleaner has Anti-fog and anti-static properties. Our formula can be used in a spray bottle to clean mirrors, laptop screens, cell phone screens, eyeglasses, sunglasses, snorkeling masks, scuba & ski goggles, plus more.

We recommend reading our Caribbean Gem Care Guide for instructions.

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