Tarnish Remover and Polish Cream

We've got shine and sparkle covered!

Caribbean Gem Tarnish Remover and Polish Cream can be used both for tarnish prevention and to remove tarnish and light scratches.

For preventative use: Apply a light anti-tarnish coating to silver, gold and other metals.

To remove tarnish or light scratches from metals:
  • STEP 1: Apply cream to a soft cloth and use light to moderate pressure to buff metals until scratches and/or tarnish is gone.  Repeat twice a month or when precious metals begin to appear dull. For best results, we recommend using our specially treated Caribbean Gem polishing cloths with the Polish Cream.
  • STEP 2: Finish by cleaning metals in Caribbean Gem Jewelry Cleaner.
(Note: Do not use on plated metals or gemstones.)