CG Jewelry Cleaner - 16oz Refill - Now with (Free USA Shipping)

Caribbean Gem

16oz Refill - Caribbean Gem Jewelry Cleaner with Banana & Coconut Oil

Safe for all Jewelry - No Ammonia, Non-toxic. Cleans all types of jewelry.  Child-safe

 - Perfect for refilling the CG 8oz Jar

- Amazing results when used in Ultra Sonic Jewelry Cleaning Machines

- Great for cleaning watches, cell phone screens, tablets, all eye wear lenses, and other precious glass: 

Our Jewelry Cleaner has Anti-fog and anti-static properties. Our formula can be used in a spray bottle to clean mirrors, laptop screens, cell phone screens, eyeglasses, sunglasses, snorkeling masks, scuba & ski goggles, plus more.

Please note: We recommend reading our Caribbean Gem Jewelry Care Guide for instructions prior to use.

Our formula is hypoallergenic & SMELLS AMAZING!! 




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